Monday, September 17, 2007

school / weekly bloggers

hey drama queen here
school started again and now i will tell you about it also part of my weekly blog. so today i was with my friends and talking about the weekend and how this morning my dog jumped in my back pack and i thought that she wanted to go to school with me. we took a picture of her i 'll try to put it on. any way hello my fellow bloggers friends and families come visit mre and tell your friends about me to like in my other ones look at veggiemama her recipes are so great and also some other blogs for food.

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VeggieMama said...

Hello my dear,

How did the lentil salad do in your lunch last week? We ate it cold for dinner, how was it at room temperature?

Good thing you figured out that the dog was in your backpack *before* you left for school. That could've been a problem ;)

Love you lots!