Monday, September 17, 2007

school / weekly bloggers

hey drama queen here
school started again and now i will tell you about it also part of my weekly blog. so today i was with my friends and talking about the weekend and how this morning my dog jumped in my back pack and i thought that she wanted to go to school with me. we took a picture of her i 'll try to put it on. any way hello my fellow bloggers friends and families come visit mre and tell your friends about me to like in my other ones look at veggiemama her recipes are so great and also some other blogs for food.

Friday, September 14, 2007


for the drama queen herself i am very emotional i cry a lot and am very sensitive when people touch me but when someone i love dies i get very very very say very for ten miutes straight emotional like this summer whith my dog dieing and shnuffs like that if you are emotional please write me and tell me why.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

weekly bloggers

hello it is drama queen i am trying to keep up on weekly bloggers. anyway hello my fellow bloggers and best friends i live to write and write to live.
weeks moto: be the best you can be to succeed
weeks color: pink
weeks number: 8
favorite catch phrase: what's up girlfriend
biggest problem: to face the cold coming
needs the most help on: trying to be number 8 for count offs

drama queen herself

i have always been a drama queen well that's whaat my parents say. i don't know if it is actually true or not yet i am sure it is since what my parents say it's me. duh who else would it be writing this in drama queens blog. have any of my blog lookers ever seen veggie mama she is the best the recipes for food she has are amazing they are so fab. well if you have ever visited my blog before i am a complete wirdo i love writing on my blog and reading yes we drama queens love to read well keep posted on my blog and happy reading about drama queen the one and only ME!!!